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Today, farming fish is taking on a new meaning as countries are forging ahead with more eco and animal friendly farming solutions. Numerous countries have embraced this new cost effective, eco-friendly way to farm fish – a model that’s also healthier for consumers.

In 2010, Tilapia Fish embarked on building a number of fish farms at Banding, Gerik Perak, a fresh water lake in Malaysia. The company knew it needed the expertise of Worldpoly and its machinery to ensure the success of the project.

Tilapia Fish creates its fish farms from PE pipes that are pulled into a circle. These rings form the basis of the fish farm and float on the surface of the water. Welded to these floating rings is a handrail to ensure employees can safely manoeuvre around the ring and tend to the fish.

A net is suspended from the ring and hangs below the surface, creating a secure area for the fish to grow. Depending on the species of the fish and the location of the farms, this net can hang as deep as needed. The fish farms are then securely anchored to concrete blocks on the sea floor. It goes without saying, all the welds - from the ring, to the netting fixtures, to the handrails need to be secure and robust.

Tilapia Fish selected the Worldpoly160 and 315 machines, because it was confident Worldpoly was the only manufacturer of welding machines capable of both providing the required equipment, and training the local operators to produce welds durable enough to out-weather the conditions.

In addition to supplying the machinery, Worldpoly provided an accredited specialist to train the team on the correct usage of their machine. This not only ensured the machinery was being used correctly but also allowed for trouble shooting in the early stages of the build.

“Our aim is to not only provide the highest quality machinery to our customers, but also arm them with the know-how to get the best results,” says Worldpoly Managing Director, Robert Hall.

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