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PolyForce weld tests reveal a new benchmark in high pressure butt welding.

Worldpolys’  Australian-made high pressure welding machine was recently independently tested by Dr John Scheirs of ExcelPlas Polymer Testing Services in Dalby, Queensland, where it displayed extremely impressive weld quality abilities; setting a new benchmark in today’s welding technology.

Destructive tests, where a section is taken through the weld and tensile tested according to the requirements of ISO, were carried out by the NATA registered laboratory of Excelplas. The stress at yield of the weld sample is then compared with the yield stress of the host pipe.

Results showed an average high pressure weld strength of 102% of the host pipe, with zero results below 100%, and a maximum of 109%. Zero brittle failure was detected. We invite you to compare this with the results experienced on welds performed on imported machines.

The PolyForce630 Series 2 Automatic results from coupling more than 50 years of polyethylene (PE) pipe and welding expertise with three years of focused research and development with Bosch Rexroth, providing high quality, consistent welds – fast.

Worldpoly CEO Rob Hall said that his main motivation behind the equipment is the quality of the welds it creates, which he believes are significantly ahead of those from any existing technology. “We believe it’s a quantum leap forward for our industry,” he said.

With the introduction in Australia of American welding standards that halve welding time, the welding process has become much more economical for jobs involving long pipelines, but requires a far more reliable and repeatable procedure.

“The problem is, high pressure welding is unforgiving. The original low pressure method was more conservative, and allowed for the site conditions that one would usually experience on the job. The new high-pressure welding standard requires all of the parameters to be followed perfectly – which is not always the case on a worksite.

What we have done is remove the majority of operator variables from the process. The equipment we produce in Australia provides consistent welds on pressure pipe, with a strength in excess of 100 per cent of the original host pipe, meaning the weld is stronger than the pipe.”

Worldpoly Australia’s PolyForce630 Series 2 Automatic provides exceptional welding capacity, particularly in its superior quality control, automated operational consistency, detailed data logging capability, local serviceability through the use of Bosch Rexroth hydraulics and controls, rugged construction, and significant reductions in welding times.

“By using our, you can halve the welding time yet have totally secure joints, potentially removing 35 per cent of the total cost of installing that pipe,” explained Mr Hall.

PolyForce630 Series 2 Automatic is available in three models including Trench, Wheeled AllTerrain and Tracked options. Features include automatic operation of the welding process; PLC control of temperature, time and pressure for the entire operation through intuitive controls; detailed data logging; fully automatic operation from bead-up to end of cooling cycle; as well as operator safety through the control system and the operation of clamp locking without operator contact.

PolyForce630 Series 2 Automatic is designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, is suitable for any application, and carries a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Worldpoly has demonstration and weld quality seminars planned during this year in Australia, Latin America and South Africa. Contact Worldpoly for details.

Customers in over 100 countries have invested in Worldpoly machines, from Norway and Germany to Senegal and Bolivia, with the company being awarded the Victorian Governs Export Award for Minerals and Energy, and being a National Finalist in Australian Export Awards.

For more information, email  sales@worldpoly.com or visit www.worldpoly.com.au

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