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Answering the call in Australia

With the opening up of the coal seam gas (CSG) industry in Queensland, Worldpoly recognised the need for a single platform solution for the needs of contractors.  “Following detailed analysis of the supplied equipment, and at the request of the contractors involved, the team saw the opportunity to improve on safety, hydraulics, performance and operability,” said Rob Hall, CEO of Worldpoly.
“From an operational perspective, it is impossible to crash the heating plate and facing tool with the pipe clamps, and changeover time for 630 mm SDR 11 is consistently less than five seconds.”

The PolyForce630 is now being used by CSG operators in Queensland, and cannot be matched in terms of the consistency, safety and reduction in welding times that it delivers. Another benefit of the PolyForce630 is that, being associated with Bosch Rexroth, customers can source parts almost anywhere in the world.

When asked to sum up what he believes are the greatest benefits in companies choosing the PolyForce630 over existing equipment, Hall said: “Removal of operator variables; safety; ease of operation; allowance for future advances in technology; and it’s made in Australia. 
“But above all, it means you can be safe in the knowledge that every weld is a good weld and no-one got hurt in the process.”

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