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The expansion by BHP Billiton of the Antofagasta, Chile desal plant to provide the water requirements of Minera Escondida copper mine has added even larger diameter polyethylene pipe to that used by the company.

With the inclusion of 1400mm OD polyethylene pipe in the project, BHP Billiton added yet another Worldpoly machine to their collection which now includes 1600, 1200, 630 and 315mm models.

The addition of this machine now gives the capacity to weld all diameters of polyethylene pipe installed accross all facilities.
Two further Worldpoly WHD1600 machines, each capable of welding polyethylene pipe from 900mm to 1600mm diameter, were supplied to the contractor for this project via the Chilean company San Vicente.

Once completed, the Desalination plant will feed a 170km pipeline to Minera Escondida located in the Atacama Desert, which is commonly known as the driest place on earth.

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