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Worldpoly Australia continues to lead the world in PE pipe welding equipment, with the release of the Australian made PolyRover630. Resulting from more than 50 years of hands-on involvement with PE pipe systems throughout the world, PolyForce630 provides the highest quality, most consistent and fastest welds possible.

With the recent introduction of high-pressure welding in Australia, and its’ incorporation in ISO and Australian/New Zealand welding specifications, Worldpoly has exceeded the requirements of PE pipe fusion clients with its’ high and low pressure capable machine – the PolyForce630 Series 2.

Worldpolys’ PolyForce630 Series 2 provides exceptional welding capacity; particularly for its’ superior quality control, automated operational consistency, local serviceability through the use of Bosch Rexroth hydraulics and controls, rugged construction, and significant reductions in welding times.

PolyForce630 Series 2 is engineered and manufactured in Australia, and is suitable for any application; the three year manufacturers’ warranty shows Worldpolys’ level of conviction.
Features include automatic operation of the welding process, PLC control of temperature, time and pressure for the entire operation through intuitive controls, operator safety through the control system and the operation of clamp locking without operator contact, the ability to weld at either high or low pressure, data logging up to 1000 welds, Worldpolys’ Collision Avoidance System which eliminates to potential to crash the heating plate, facing tool and clamps, and pipe movement detection to avoid slippage during welding and cooling cycles. It is available in 3 models including Trench, Wheeled AllTerrain and Track options.

The tracked base features a 1500 RPM low-noise 64 Db Cummins Onan diesel generator with dual controls on operator side, Bosch Rexroth hydraulics with two-speed motion easily climbing over 30 degrees, Bosch supplied wireless controls, wired backup controls, and pipe lifters front and rear.

The wireless controls maximise safety and keep the operator away from the machine. When the signal is broken for any reason or the operator drops the controller, the tracks stop immediately. Should the wireless controller be lost or broken, an emergency wired control is supplied. The independent base can also be used as a site work-horse.

The optional wheeled base (All Terrain) provides offset steering for pipeline work, pipe lifters and a rugged platform for welding.

Worldpoly is duly proud of its latest Australian made fusion machine. It is the most technically competent, operator friendly machine available, while providing the highest possible level of quality control and local serviceability. PolyForce630 is the most advanced, rugged machine available, and comes with a very attractive price tag.

Features summary;
Automatic operation.
Highest level of quality control.
1000 weld data logging.
Welds both high and low pressure.
Operator safety during welding and tracked base operation.
Hydraulic open/close/locking clamps, hydraulic insertion and removal of heating plate and facing tool, all with crash protection.
Rugged construction.
3 years manufacturers’ warranty.
Parts readily available internationally.

Further information on sales@worldpoly.com or visit www.worldpoly.com.au



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